Cervical Collar-Neck Traction


Cervical Neck Traction Device Inflatable

  • Non-Itchy Material:The Cervical Neck Traction Device is made from high-quality washable flocking.
  • Joint Shape Design: gently stretches the cervical vertebrae, relieves the tension and neck pain and reduces the pressure on the back, shoulders and spine.
  • Physical Therapist’s Recommendation: The Cervical Traction Device is suitable for neck pain relief, stabilizes traumatic neck and head injuries, whiplash, spinal cord misalignment, strains and sprains and treats cervical radiculopathy (nerve pain).
  • We recommend that you use the Cervical Collar 15-20 Minutes- 2 times/day in the first two weeks.
  • Starting in the third week, you can use the neck collar brace multiple times, according to your needs.