Thumper Sport Massager


The Thumper® Sport is the massager of choice for home users. If your shoulders are stiff after your initial round of golf at the beginning of the season, if your legs are burning from a bike ride with too much vertical climb, or if you simply spent too much time on your feet at the sales counter, the Thumper® Sport provides all the soothing your muscles need, to make you feel good.

  • The Sport Massager, weighing only 3 pounds, is cost effective and provides a strong, smooth percussive movement and can be used at home, the gym or while you travel.
  • It has a long ergonomic handle is easy to hold and maneuver, allowing you to reach every muscle on your body: neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs.
  • There is no need for oils or lotions. The Thumper Sport works through clothing, providing flexibility for use virtually anywhere.
  • The proven Thumper® drive system delivers a comfortable tapotement action on the muscles.
  • Customizable massage experience through the use of soft or hard massage spheres.
  • Use the variable speed control to select the most comfortable speed setting between 20 and 40 pulses per second.
  • Easy to clean and Made in Canada.