Massage BodyBalls-Double/Black


While the BodyBall works well for alleviation of pain in the back and neck area, it also helps in other regions of the body such as feet, calves, hip flexors, hamstrings, ITBs and shoulders.

One of a kind Ergonomic Design the BodyBall is specially designed to suit the contour of your spine. The ergonomic design helps to access muscles and fascia and reduce any side effects on skeletal alignment. Reduces Muscle Tension.

The BodyBall is an easy to use tool to help relieve pain throughout the body. These massage balls are helpful for reducing muscle pain and providing better range of motion for spinal joints and will minimize the effect of recurring back and neck pain.

How Does It Work?

The BodyBall uses your body weight to trigger blood flow and repair any tissue damage which causes muscle and joint pain or stiffness. At the same time the BodyBall will highlight parts of the body which are overworked as you apply pressure. The BodyBall acts as an awareness tool, by highlighting areas of discomfort you would otherwise not notice. Hereby, you can help prevent muscle imbalance, promoting good posture.