Soothe-It Magnesium Gel 60 ml


What is Soothe-it Naturally Liquid Magnesium Rub?

Soothe-It Magnesium Oil is a Ultra Pure, Ultra Absorbent and Highly Concentrated 100% organic magnesium chloride rub that is not ingested but rather is applied directly to the skin as a topical rub where it is absorbed and transported on to the cells.

This solution is known as “Magnesium Oil” as it feels oily, but is not actually an oil. No other vital substance makes us resilient to stress and calms our nervous system while simultaneously providing us with endurance and energy as magnesium does as well as so much more.

Magnesium is called an essential mineral, as the body is unable to produce magnesium itself. This mineral must be ingested daily in sufficient quantities as part of your diet. Where this is not the case, a wide range of problems can occur.

The transdermal application of magnesium via the skin is a new form of magnesium substitution and has up to an 80% greater absorbency rate than taken orally.

Soothe-It, Magnesium Oil is available in a liquid form as a Spray or as a Rub for application to the skin or as a gel for those who like a massage to soothe the aches away or muscle cramps.